Apartment building

Prague - Vrsovice 2020

Urban couple of block of flats - in Art déco style. The house,  with joint central entrance, occupies the whole wide vacant site of former printing factory. The concept consist of the main building facing the street and second smaller in the courtyard. Each of the two vertical circulation spaces in the main building serves two generous size flats, transversely oriented on each floor.  Simple massing of the house is slightly dented in the centre and recessed. It brings revival into puristic street and accentuates the entrance. The motif, which is inspired by London The Florin Court house, is further developed in ceramic tile face on street facade and lock smith products in interior.  Laying sceme of ceramic tiles, arranged in diagonally way, and color composition in four shades, accentuates horizontal direction and surprises vertical direction.  Also shifted window grid accentuate horizontal direction. Windows at the sides - relike to neighbouring  facades - have articulation and more rectangular proportion. The yard house contain double floor studio flats, reminiscent of traditional small wooden houses in the inner yard greenery space. 

Completed, Residential, Interior design
5407 m2
Prague - Vrsovice
soukromý investor
new building